FILM / TV          


I started working as a freelance journalist in July 2007, especially for documentaries/documentary series.

I am an expert especially in politics, history, arts and sports. I have a Master's degree in political science and a passion for history and film.

I am...   

  • ... a tireless and thorough researcher: if it exists, I will find it.
  • ... calm under pressure: I can make quick decisions and respond to crises with a level head.
  • ... a people person: I listen well, put people at ease, mediate conflicts, and motivate others.
  • ... organized: I handle details as well as larger projects, solve problems, and meet deadlines.
  • ... a speaker of fluent English and German.

Honors & Awards

Nominated for the "Golden 11" - Producer/Director "Die Grüne Tulpe" at the at "11mm" Football Film Festival 2014

Special Mention Jury Award – Researcher archive films "The Ghost Fleet Of Bikini Atoll" (Discovery Channel) at the International Film Festival of Tamil Nadu 2009